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Lecture 3

Lecture #3 - Profile of the Commercial Sector in Canada Typed Filled in notes for lecture 3 - unit 1 Profile of the Commercial Sector in Canada - The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I have provided a f

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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Troy Glover

Profile of the Commercial Sector in Canada REC 101 September 20, 2010 How do Commercial providers differ from other service providers?  They are motivated by Profit ( making money, not like -> not for profit organization )  They expect a return on investment  They design programs to tap consumer spending ( convince them to buy your product) Social Roles/Expectations  Expected to contribute to the economic well-being of the community ( e.g job created, tax revenue generated )  Economic impact is regarded with greater importance than social impacts (e.g fitness opportunities ) Types of Commercial Businesses:  Leisure Products Businesses o Manufacturers & purveyors of leisure goods & equipment (e.g nike )  Leisure Services Businesses o Providers of leisure programs & experiences ( e.g chucky cheese )  Business Sponsors of Leisure o Sponsors of leisure events & products ( e.g tim Horton ) Commercial Leisure Services: 1. Travel and Tourism (airlines & bus lines ) o The movement of people & the provision of travel-related services 2. Hospitality ( Hotels & motels , restaurants ) o The provision of accommodations, food & beverage , & related amenities 3. Local commercial recreation (theaters, carnivals , water parks ) o Its primary function is the provision of retail products, entertainment, recreation programs for people in their home communities 4. Facilitators o These types of commercial recreation business support the other three categories O
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