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Lecture 11

Lecture #11 - Social Entrepreneurship Typed Filled in notes for lecture 11 - unit 2 Social Entrepreneurship - The prof gives lecture notes with blanks which needs to be filled during the lecture, I have provided a filled in lecture note, plus extra com

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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 101
Troy Glover

Social Entrepreneurship REC 101 October 18 2010Festival of neighborhoods Idea developed by a local businessman and an community activistEncourages neighbors to connect on a social level Random draw for 10000 neighborhood improvement grant A social entrepreneur isa person with qualities and behaviors we associate with a business entrepreneur BUT who operates in the community and is more concerned about caring and helping than with making money Fourstage Process of Social Entrepreneurship 1 Envisioning Clarifying a need gap and opportunity 2 Engaging Engaging the opportunity with a mind to doing something about it3 Enabling Ensuring something happens by acquiring the proper resources4 Enacting C
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