Rec 270 - November 6 - Qualitative Design

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 270
Heather Mair

November 6th, 2013 Rec 270 Qualitative Design Experimental Design - e.g., an experimental (dog) study - dog loyalty - research question: how loyal and brave are dogs? - experiment group = dog; treatment = staged bookcase falling on owner; post-test - bad experiment design, dog knew it was fake (smell) Features of experimental designs - involve manipulation or modification of a situation - begin with a hypothesis - compare outcomes with and without modification - best approach for testing casual relationships - well suited for examining causality: - temporal order - association - explanation/investigation/control of other factors Basic components of experimental designs - independent variable - treatment or stimulus - looking for presence or absence of the 'cause' - dependent variable - measurable outcome - variable examined for possible response - pre-test - measurement of dependent variable prior to treatment - post-test - measurement of dependent variable after treatment is introduced - control group - does not receive treatment - experimental group - does receive treatment - two groups must be similar, comparable and created through random assignment Assignment to groups - random assignment - simple, random, systematic sampling - increases confidence that the groups are not different in any systematic way - e.g. draw 30 people form a population, randomly assign 15 to experimental group and 15 to control group - matching - random sample taken from population then participants are assigned to groups on the basis of matching characteristics - using matched pairs - e.g. sample of 30 from a population has 20 women and 10 men... each group has the sa
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