REC101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Making Money, Legal Personality, Power Law

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Profile of the Commercial Sector in Canada
REC 101
September 20, 2010
How do Commercial providers differ from other service providers?
They are motivated by Profit ( making money, not like -> not for profit organization )
They expect a return on investment
They design programs to tap consumer spending ( convince them to buy your product)
Social Roles/Expectations
Expected to contribute to the economic well-being of the community ( e.g job created, tax
revenue generated )
Economic impact is regarded with greater importance than social impacts (e.g fitness
opportunities )
Types of Commercial Businesses:
Leisure Products Businesses
o Manufacturers & purveyors of leisure goods & equipment (e.g nike )
Leisure Services Businesses
o Providers of leisure programs & experiences ( e.g chucky cheese )
Business Sponsors of Leisure
o Sponsors of leisure events & products ( e.g tim Horton )
Commercial Leisure Services:
1. Travel and Tourism (airlines & bus lines )
o The movement of people & the provision of travel-related services
2. Hospitality ( Hotels & motels , restaurants )
o The provision of accommodations, food & beverage , & related amenities
3. Local commercial recreation (theaters, carnivals , water parks )
o Its primary function is the provision of retail products, entertainment, recreation
programs for people in their home communities
4. Facilitators
o These types of commercial recreation business support the other three categories
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