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Lecture 15

SDS150R Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Gender Role, Ageplay, Sandwich Generation

Social Development Studies
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Peter H Roe

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Late Adulthood
Sandwich Generation
Stereotypes of old age
Changes during young and old age
Mental health
Sandwich Generation
Older parents would live with parents till die
During this century we have moved away from that, live in nursing homes
This new idea of the sandwich generation: mid-age adults are taking care of their
adolescents and then also providing support to their parents
Typically care the elderly individuals falls to in responsibility to the spouse
Half of mid-age women will be affected by the sandwich effect
Hierarchical Compensatory System (Cantor)
Spouse (top of pyramid) typically the spouse takes care of the elderly partner
Adult child – if the spouse is dead or non-existent then there adult child takes care of
Distant relative – if adult child cannot help will fall to a relative
Formal agencies
Types of Support Provided to Aging Parents
Emotional Support (taking time to talk and listen to them)
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