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Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
SMF 204
B J Rye

Lecture 4 – Physiology of Sexual Response: the Sexual Response Cycle Four stages of sexual response (Masters and Johnson): 1. Excitement - Some male features:  Erection  Sac thickens, spermatic cord tightens  For both men and women, heart rate goes up - Some female features:  Lubrication  Glands of the clitoris swell  Nipples erect (myotonia)  Towards the later part of the excitement the breast swell  Vagina balloons  Uterus and cervix pull up (tenting effect)  Sex flush  Inner and outter labia swell  Clitoris enlarges 2. Plateau - Some male features  Penis is erect  Penis deepens in colour  Testes swell about 50%  Fluid at the tip of the penis  Prostate gland is also enlarged  Blood pressure and heart rate rise in both men and women - Some female responses  Orgasmic platform (the swelling of the outer 1/3 of vagina)  Clitoris retracts behind the clitoral hood  Breasts swell  Uterus enlarges  Labia changes colour  Inner 2/3 of the vagina lengthen 3. Orgasm - Rhythmic contractions of the genitals at .8 second intervals - Myotonia is really key - In both men and women  Jump in blood pressure and breathing rate  Muscles contracting all over the body  Facial grimis In men there are two stages: a. Ejaculatory inevitability  Vas deference, vesicles and prostate contract (orgasm is biologically going to happen)  Force “bulb” at base of ure
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