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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 anything the prof didn't have on the slides.

Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies
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Stacey Jacobs

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SMF 204 Lecture 2 Sept. 16/10
Lecture 2
What is Sex. Pdf
Important to know your values because:
oKnow where you stand.
Do you need to pick a side?
oNo things are never black and white
The right to go topless
Is a woman going topless a sexual act or not?
oDepends on how used to it u are
oDepends on ur values
oThe more we see something the more comfortable we become with it
oContext/how you feel
Perspectives on Human Sexuality
oFun fact. The first vibs we steam generated and were only in doctors
Theories and Research PDF
Quote on 5th slide is George bush
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