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SDS 150R Lecture Notes January 10th

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Social Development Studies
SDS 150R
Peter Hymmen

SDS 150R: Lifespan Development January 10/13: Assumptions of Lifespan Development Assumptions of Development  Development has the potential to be ongoing throughout the life course o Debunks original belief that early change/development happens early on and maxes out later declining in adulthood o Rather- growth and change may continue into later years of life  Development doesn’t follow a single pathway o Variation between individuals, groups and generations o Eg. Canada households over the past 10-15 years  marriage and families  Development occurs across multiple domains at the same time concurrently o Various areas of change may be happening simultaneously but not necessarily at the same rate o In a child: cognitive, physical and social skills develop at the same time  Development is a production of persons environmental interaction o Involves understanding individuals characteristics as wells as the environmental and social context Characteristics of Development  Lifelong Process: development continues throughout life  Embedded Stories: Occurs within a historical context, difference in development ove
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