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SOC101 Lecture Notes - Eurocentrism, Social Inequality, Tourist Trap

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Barry Mc Clinchey

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SOC 101 March 27 2013: Globalization
What is Globalization?
Describes the worldwide exchange of money, goods and services as well as their socio-
cultural changes that occur with increasing trade and human contact
Emergence of Globalization
16th century economic system based on market principles emerged
Demand for more exotic goods increased (spices, tea, silks)
Colonization of the Americas, Asia, Africa
Globalization Today
Economies are more interdependent and integrated
Advance in communication technologies
Creates vast divides between rich and poor
Multinational corporations that make a lot of money exploiting for profits
Factors Contributing to Globalization
Technological Change
o Accelerates globalization
o Historically, container shipping most important
o Allows shipment of products, goods and services that were never available in the
Political Change
o Collapse of the Soviet Union
o Enhance spread of capitalism and democracy
o What role do politicians play? Manipulate society so that the most people are
happy but make conditions favorable for the accumulation of capital
Economic Change
o Expanding trade and the emergence of international baking
o Easy to bank in other countries for the everyday person
o International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization,
Transnational Corporations
Berlin Wall Separating East and West Berlin 1969-1989
Separate into zones, people leaving the Soviet area
Built the wall to keep people in the eastern section
No trade with capitalist
In 1989,
The Soviet Union eased its authoritarian control over East Berlin
Citizens were able to visit the West sectors of Berlin
The wall was mostly destroyed and the former political and economic power and
influence of the Soviet Union began to weaken
Check Point Charlie
Tourist trap
The place where Soviet people couldn’t cross over to the US side but American and
Canadians could cross over if they have business in the Soviet side
Defining Global Stratification
First World
o Countries dominated by the USA and Western Europe
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