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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes Complete in-depth analysis of Lecture 7 notes + Chapter 12 analysis from "Exploring Sociology"!!!!!

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

SOC 101001 Lecture 7 Lecture 7 EducationChapter 12 Wednesday October 27 2010Pierre Bourdieu Trying to answer criticism that conflict theorists say about educationo Education as a system is basically operating for benefit of middle classo Works in a conflict analysis to reproduce advantageshereditaryCapital involves any set of useable resources that we have at our disposal profit or moneyo Is defined as A the set of actual usable resources and powers and exists as may types economic cultural social and symbolic o Can exist in objectified capital or cultural capitalCultural Capital is one of the forms of capital that contributes to the reproduction of the structure of power relationships and symbolic relationships between classeso Different forms of cultural capital that consists of things that you understand intuitively about social worldinherited from family o Having an advantagebenefit over another person with the knowledge you possess o Culture of family of class is different between system of classeso Cultural expectations are the same in school and at home middle class o Cultural expectations are different in the workfactories and at home for lower classSchools reinforce particular types of linguistic competence authority patterns and types of curricula curriculum in school are right for middle class kids not for working class kids For those students who already possess the needed cultural resources school success is facilitated and academic achievement is enhanced Over time the cultural capita
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