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SOC 222
Allison Chenier

DEFININGJUVENILE DELINQUENCY 1 January-11-13 12:20 PM The study of delinquency is concerned with the nature and extent of the antisocial behaviour of youth, the causes of youthful law violations, the legal rights of juveniles,and the prevention and treatment of delinquent behaviour. _____________________________________________________________________________________ - Juvenile delinquency is related to and emerges from a variety of sources ○ The individual ○ Family ○ School ○ Peer group ○ Neighbourhood ○ Social class ○ Social environment - Prevention& interventions require integrated definitions __________________________________________________________________________________ Juvenile Research as a field of study focuses on 2 main areas: 1. Possible internal/externalthat can explain a young persons behaviour 2. Systemic responses that we employto prevent and control antisocial behaviour which includes youth crime - How societyresponds before & after crime is committed _____________________________________________________________________________________ There is not one theory alone that will explain all youth & youth crimes _____________________________________________________________________________________ The Scientific Study of Juvenile Delinquency - 3 aspects: 1. Nature of Youth Crime - What constitutes youth crime and under what conditions 2. Extent - The frequency of behaviour, duration of offending (why some continue to commit offenses and others do not), and the seriousness of the offense 3. Cause - Micro & macro - Include individual, social, situational, or environmentalcharacteristic _____________________________________________________________________________________ Two Important concepts for the entire course: 1) How theory is defined and what criteria are required to establish causality 2) How we define delinquency itself - Theory is defined as an interrelated set of concepts that provide an explanation for a given event or a type of behaviour - Purpose of a theory: 1. Explain a social phenomenon 2. Define & systematicallymap out the relationships between the theoretical concepts 3. Indicates the direction & magnitude of the relationship between these theoretical concepts - Theory is meant to help make sense of the things we experience in the social world - Micro Theory → Explain why individuals act in certain ways  Biological or psychological explanations  Biological or psychological explanations - Macro Theory → Explain how larger social and cultural factors ca
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