VCULT100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Cinema Of Hong Kong, Diegesis, Cinematic Techniques

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2 Aug 2016
Class 4: Sound and Hong Kong
Hong Kong Cinema
Bring traditions from earlier Chinese societies
Martial Arts Genre
oHow Hong Kong cinema got on the map
Action Films
oDid well at home and abroad
oViolence etc in response to the immigration from China to Hong Kong
1st Wave: action and gangster/martial arts films
2nd Wave: experimental cinema and editing
ohad a “cool” factor
ono clear narrative, open ended
osimilar themes: loneliness, insecurity, commitment issues
Auteur: kinds of directors who have a lot of control over the entire aspect of the film
Can be difficult to analyse
Can create emotions but remain unnoticeable
Create a unifying effect
Directs attention
Loudness: connected to distance, easily manipulated
Pitch: high/low of a sound, helps distinguish other sounds
Timbre: tone quality (eg. nasal, mellow)
Major/Minor key: can set the mood
Diegetic sound: sound in the story
Non Diegetic Sound: comes from outside the story world (narrator)
Could be non or diegetic
Can bridge scenes
Sound Effects
Artificial vs. natural
On vs off screen
Can you speak through silence: Silence = focus more on faces/gestures
Slang, dialect, profanity
Voice over and Narration
Who is speaking and from where
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find more resources at
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