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Women's Studies
WS 102
Tina Davidson

WS 102 Intro to Women’s Studies Jan 7 WOMENS STUDIES - Began in Canada in 1970 - Focused on how academic knowledge was androcentric (emphasized male interests) - Developed into 3 stages so far 1. Recuperation: find the lost and hidden info about women 2. Reconstruction: reconstruct existing academic knowledge, theories, and values to include women 3. Reflexivity: be more self-aware about how Women’s Studies itself can recreate marginalization OPPRESSION - Women’s oppression rooted in the structures (economic, geographical, historical, social, educational, emotional) of a given society, neighborhood, family - Explanation for women’s oppression may be biological, psychological, social, historical - Oppression rooted from a membership in a specific category - Men experience restrictions too, but not things that have political, economic, socio-cultural or national value OPPRESION AND FEMINISM - Different feminist theories approach the question of the roots of women’s oppression from different angles.  Liberal feminists: women’s oppression is rooted in their lack of equal civil rights, equal political representation, and equal opportunities of education and employment.  Marxist feminists: capitalism as a male-dominated economic system which relies on an
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