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Introduction WS 102

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Women's Studies
WS 102
Tina Davidson

Introduction to Women’s Studies Basic terms and concepts Oppression: *why it is so hard for women to break free of injustice? *Women’s oppression is rooted in the structures (economic, political, geographical, historical, social, educational, emotional) of a given society, neighbourhood, and family. *The explanations, justifications, rationales for women’s oppression may be biological, psychological, social, historical, etc but their effects and ability to influence women’s lives occur and are reinforced on a very social level, which hides the many ways “beliefs” are used to justify social practices. Oppression is not rooted in individual strengths, weaknesses, or abilities nor from individual’s choices and informed decisions, but rather from membership in a particular category. *Certainly boys (and men) experience restrictions too. However, the cumulative effect is not the same. In fact, the things that men tend to be told “men do not do” end up being those very things that do not hold any elevated economic, political, socio- cultural or national value. Feminisms and oppression *Different feminist theories approach the question of the roots of women’s oppression from different angles. *Liberal feminists would argue that women’s oppression is rooted in their lack of equal civil rights, equal political representation, and equal opportunities of education and employment. *Marxist feminists concentrate primarily on capitalism as a male-dominated economic system which relies on an hence is responsible for maintaining women’s oppression. *Radical feminists would argue that women’s oppression is continued because of men’s inability and unwillingness to give up their male privilege. *Radical feminism concentrates it’s analysis of women’s oppression on the following ideas: 1) that women were the first oppressed group historically 2) that women are the most widely oppre
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