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University of Waterloo
Women's Studies
WS 102
Tina Davidson

Heterosexuality Identity and Relationships Theories and terminology *sexual identity is generally categorized through determining if the self (or others) are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, based on attraction to people of a given sex. *sexual scripts: a set of socialized guidelines for shaping and attaining sexual pleasure. Among heterosexual couples the sexual script is highly reliant on gender. Sexual scripts vary with age, ethnicity, class, ability, etc, but heterosexuality tends to be organized to favour patriarchal privilege. *(Hetero)sexual scripts can often be exaggerated in performances in the sex trade industry, for example in exotic dancing. *Heteronormativity (aka compulsory heterosexuality) the way that heterosexuality is constructed as the normal, natural and most desirable sexual identity, and the ways that this idea is supported by institutions such as schools, the media, the state, holidays and even public displays of affection. *heterosexism: a system of beliefs that asserts the superiority of heterosexuality Love and…. *romantic love has increasingly been tied to consumer behaviours like dating. *4 stages of falling in love (according to popular Adam’s model) *1. original attraction: physical and common interests. *2. responding to others’ reactions to their partner, self-disclosing *3. asses compatible marital “scripts” *4. private and/or public commitment *research focuses on gender differences in love, as opposed to similarities. Generally men in developed societies are FILO (first in, last out of love) while women are LIFO (last in, first out of love) *the feminization of love: women are understood to be better at love and intimate relationships than men. This leads to the deficit model of manhood. (although men do not lose power from this deficit) *love myth, the idea that there is a script for recognizing love. This script is based on assumptions that love is: 1) natural and cannot be stopped, 2) completely different from other kinds of love, and 3) that falling out of love is sudden, natural and can’t be stopped *cohabitation: In Canada, cohabiting has recently become more common than marriage. Originally, cohabitation was common and was seen to promote equality in relationships, better informed marital relationships, less divorce, etc. * …marriage *In choosing marriage partners, homogamy dominates: which is the written and unwritten rules which encourage a person to marry within their own identity group. *Statistically, North American marriages marriage gradient dominates (aka the dating differential!), whereby men marry “down” (hypogamy) and women marry “up” (hypergamy) *Ar
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