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Iago’s Journal Entries Journal Entry #1 There is an unexplainable anger built up inside of me. Afire that never fails to burn within the depths of my heart, a hate, a bitter hate for a certain individual, a certain animal that is driving me mad. I've heard rumors that he's slept with my wife and he handed over a lieutenant position to a young man who does not deserve to be there.Although I don't know the rumors of his affairs with my wife to be true, I am treating them as such. Due to his spite of me, I will use everyone and everything against him to ruin the entirety of his useless life. Othello, I will get vengeance on you. These words I speak are spoken in bitter hate. I hate the moor and I intend on making him suffer to the absolute fullest. Journal Entry #2 The magnificent downfall which I intend on planning for Othello will have to be executed perfectly and others will have to go down with him. I've done a great deal of thinking and I have a general idea of whom and what I will use against Othello in order to bring him down. I will be the God without mercy while I demonstrate myself as the honest, loving friend toward Othello and all of his associates. Othello has just been wed to the fair Desdemona. Roderigo, a fool who will play a role in Othello's downfall, is deeply in love with Desdemona. I will use his love and foolishness against him as I convince him to do works against Othello by promising that Desdemona will love him. Journal Entry #3 The tiles of my plan are beginning to fall together perfectly. With the help of Roderigo, Desdemona's father has confessed his hate for the moor and has pointed out to Othello that Desdemona is choosing to leave her own father and will surely choose to leave Othello as well. Michael Cassio is the next fool who I will use to my advantage. Surely Cassio and Desdemona are nothing more than friends. However, I will see to it that I give Othello warning that Desdemona and Cassio are not honest. Some things must be done first before I may make this rumor believable in the eyes and ears of Othello. Journal Entry #4 Last night, during Othello's festivities, with perfect planning, I was able to orchestrate a quarrel between Cassio and the governor of Cyprus, Montano. By using Cassio's poor brains for alcohol against him and by using my false promises of love to Roderigo in exchange for his instigation of the brawl, I was able to orchestrate this event. Cassio got drunk during the festivities and after much commotion, ended up stabbing Montano. Othello arose from bed and asked what had happened. I pleaded my innocence and proceeded to explain to Othello that I would tell the truth, but did not want to speak bad about Cassio. Othello took what I had said for true and announced that Cassio was to be removed from his position. Step one of my plan is complete. I must continue to carefully weave my way through invoking conflict while still keeping my hands clean. Journal Entry #5 I have given Cassio the advice to seek the restoration of his position not through Othello, but through Desdemona. I advised Cassio to ask Desdemona to beg Othello to give Cassio his position back because he is a good man and he deserves it. But Desdemona will not like the ideas that I am putting into Othello's head about her affairs, making them that much more believable to Othello and this will only start making him more jealous. This is going to work perfectly. Journal Entry #6 I spoke with Othello in confidence today, through a bit of acting like usual. I expressed to him my concerns about Cassio and Desdemona having an affair. We had seen them conversing in the garden and Cassio had run away. I pointed out to Othello that this is curious of a man who supposedly has nothing to hide.Although I will have to be persistent in filling him with cause for concern, the idea is now in his head. The seed that has been planted will now grow into any devilish idea that his mind will allow. I am the tender of the garden in Othello's mind though, and I intend on feeding this seed poison. Journal Entry #7 From my wife Emilia, I have received the handkerchief which was given to the moor by Desdemona as a token of their love. This is an unexpected and extremely useful tool which I will use as visual evidence to further convince Othello of the affairs which I have suggested. I will find a way to get the handkerchief in the possession of Cassio and show to Othello that he has it. Now I just have to let all the events unfold. Journal Entry #8 I spoke with Othello this morning. He was with ripe wi
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