PSYC102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Rhesus Macaque, Mary Ainsworth, Terrycloth

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28 Jul 2016
Lecture 7 Jan 28th 2013 11.3 developmental psych
- Social Developmento Harlow’s study of attachment o Attachmento
Stranger situation task
- Social development disorders
- Sexual/gender identity Harlow’s Study of attachment
- He took young Rhesus monkeys and removed them from his mothers
- Two types: terrycloth monkey mother (house coat material), Mesh
monkey mother.
- Feeding (is it just food the monkeys need from mothers, or is it
caring, warmth, etc.)
- Frightening stimuli (scary robot in video)
- Unfamiliar rooms: frozen in fear, cried, crouching, thumb sucking,
ran from objects to object.
- Video... ^ monkey isn’t comforted by the wired mother when scared,
he goes straight to the terrycloth mother. With the terrycloth mother in the
room he isn’t afraid to explore the objects. Harlow’s reintegration study
- 3, 6, 12, or 24 months of social deprivation
- Social behaviour after 6 months of isolation. The monkeys were
placed with normal adult monkeys. The deprived monkeys had severe deficits
in social behavior. Pulled out hair, rocked back and forth.
- Placed the monkey with younger monkeys, the monkey was able to
socially recover. The other younger monkeys would help influence how to
socially act (teach the younger monkey how to socialize). Attachment
- John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth
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