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Lecture 16

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University of British Columbia
ANTH 100
Charles Menzies

ANTH 100A – Lecture 16 (November 6, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies Agenda  Tourism - an anthropological study o heritage tourism o dark tourism o sex tourism Tourism  travel and exploration o humans have travelled and explored for a long time o not the same as tourism necessarily o more recently, members of local elites can travel their domains and the wider world, but that is still different from tourism, because it was more like serving domain and having a little fun, mostly for wealthy  tourism as we know it - emerged recently o product of industrialization of societies, shift to form of industrial production that releases people from places and allows free movement; more of a leisure society o emergence of the capacity/possibility of tourism; push back working day, create space in day to have rest/relaxation, people organized to create space in day to limit number of hours they work o allows regular, ordinary people to relax, rest, give them a chance to be away from boss and requests o going to a place that is real but outside own reality is a large part of tourism  working class struggles o need to have time to do tourism o transportation infrastructure o may be railway, o productive structure of society leads way to tourism  trains started as moving goods, then later used as transportation device  Jacque Tati o beach tourism in France not until after WWII  Mandatory minimum holidays o allowed for more tourism, leaving work o well integrated and extensive rail network, later also a highway network, helped tourism to beach  Strong societal support for a redistributive economy o looking for redistribution of wealth and mandatory holidays o in the context of a growing marketplace, when you saturate your economy, you still need to keep marketplace moving and tourism creates opportunity to revalue-ize economy o people will drag their feet even in absence of union, people would find ways to not work as much o tourist industry requires affordable ways to send workers away; drive tourism to places where basic costs are lower than at home ANTH 100A – Lecture 16 (November 6, 2013) Dr. Charles Menzies Heritage Tourism o performance and re-enactment o Historical  focus on history of settlement (from Europe and other parts of world), sometimes indigenous/aboriginal are showcased, but usually they are in museum and not the same type of exhibits  most historical reenactment sites focus on colonial past  intervention into the place of politics and ownership (who belongs here, who owns this place), so not much about aboriginals  “Disneyland setting” - performance of a place/moment in time  can get a chance to experience the past  engaging into tourism allows more o Ethnic  may find some indigenous performances  "performing culture in the global village" - orchestrate performance of cultural practices for paying
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