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ANTH 100
Darlene Weston

Anthropology 228: Forensic Anthropology Class Time/Day/Location: 2.00-3.00 MWF – Geography 100 Instructor: Dr. Darlene Weston E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 604-822-6897 Office Hours: Wednesday 3.30-4.30, ANSO 1207, or by appointment. TA: E-mail: Office Hours: Course Description: Interest in the field of forensic anthropology has been heightened in the last decade through the success of forensic-themed television shows and popular novels. This course will introduce students to the field of forensic anthropology - a scientific discipline that involves the application of methods from biological anthropology and archaeology to the identification, recovery, and analysis of skeletal remains from crime scenes, mass disasters and unexplained deaths. Through lectures and in-class assignments, students will learn about the methods for recognizing and recovering evidence that allows for the determination of time since death, manner and cause of death and the identification of individuals. Course Aim and Objectives: The aim of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the field of forensic anthropology. At the end of this course it is expected that students will be able to: 1. critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of field and laboratory methods in forensic anthropology; 2. understand the ethical issues that arise when working with human remains from a medico-legal context. Required Readings: SN. Byers. Introduction to Forensic Anthropology, 4 th edition. Pearson Education, 2011. ISBN-10: 0205790127; ISBN-13: 9780205790128. Evaluation Profile: % of Grade In-class assignments 5 @ 5 marks each 25 Midterm 1 25 Midterm 2 25 Final exam 25 Total 100 Assignment Marks Course Syllabus: Week Date Lecture Topic Readings 1 Sept 5 Introduction to the Course Sept 7 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology: Byers Ch 1 The CSI Effect 2 Sept 10 Human Bones, pt 1 Byers Ch 2 Sept 12 Human Bones, pt 2, Human Teeth. Byers Ch 2 Sept 14 Film: Written in Bone writteninbone/index.html 3 Sept 17 Establishing Forensic Context Byers Ch 3 Sept 19 Recovery Methods Byers Ch 4 Sept 21 Film: LA County Coroner 4 Sept 24 Estimating Time Since Death – pt 1 Byers Ch 5 Sept 26 Estimating Time Since Death – pt 2 Byers Ch 5 Sept 28 Film: Crime Scene Critters episodes/crime-scene- creatures/introduction/301/ 5 Oct 1 Midterm Exam 1 Oct 3 Initial Treatment and Examination Byers Ch 6 Oct 5 Sex Determination Byers Ch 8 6 Oct 8 Thanksgiving – No Class Oct 10 Assignment 1 – Estimating Sex Byers Ch 8: Oct 12 Finding Anastasia channel.nationalgeographic. Assignment 1 due. com/series/explorer/3109/ Overview#tab-Overview 7 Oct 15 Age Determination - Juveniles Byers Ch 9 Oct 17 Age Determination – Adults Byers Ch 9 Oct 19 Assignment 2 – Estimating Age Byers Ch 9 8 Oct 22 Stature Determination Byers Ch 10 Assignment 2 due. Oct 24 Assignment 3 – Estimating Stature Byers Ch 10 Oct 26 Ancestry Determination: a Historical Byers Ch 7 Perspective Assignment 3 due. 9 Oct 29 Ancestry Determination: Anthroposcopic Byers Ch 7 and Osteometric Methods Oct 31 Assignment 4 – Estimating Ancestry Byers Ch 7 Nov 2 Film: The Perfect Corpse Assignment 4 due. 10 Nov 5 Midterm Exam 2 Nov 7 Cause and Manner of Death I: the Byers Ch 11, 12 Basics of Bone Trauma and Projectile Trauma Nov 9 Cause and Manner of Death II: Blunt Byers Ch 13, Ch 14 and Sharp Force Trauma 11 Nov 12 Remembrance Day – no class Nov 14 Ante-mortem Skeletal Conditions: Byers Ch 15 Pathology and Skeletal Anomalies. Nov 16 Post-mortem
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