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Biol 121- 2010.02.08- Genetics- Linkage (Ch. 13).docx

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Applied Biology
APBI 200
Paul Hewitt

Biol 121 225 Freeman 276281 286289Feb 8 10 Ch 13 Linkage Wild type individuals with the most common phenotype Mutationmutant change in a gene mutantindividuals with mutated traits Reciprocal cross set of matings where mothers phenotype in first cross is fathers phenotype in second cross and fathers phenotype in first cross is mothers phenotype in second cross Sex chromosomes sex chromosomes refer to the X and Y chromosomes in organisms X and Y chromosomes are different in size and shapethe Y chromosome is smaller they also contain different genes however they have regions that are similar enough to lead to proper pairing during prophase I of meiosis I male XY female XX Xlinkage or Xlinked inheritance the gene for a trait is located on the X chromosome and the Y chromosome does not carry an allele for the gene Ylinkage is the opposite though X and Y chromosomes synapse during prophase I they differ in size shape and gene content Autosomal inheritance genes on nonsex chromosomes show autosomal inheritance Linkage the physical association of genes that are found on the same chromosome if two or more genes are linked it means they are located on the same chromosomelinked genes violate the principle of independent assortment two alleles for two different genes located on one chromosome will be inherited together an exception to this is due to recombination because of crossing over in propha
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