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Biol 121- 2010.01.15- Ecology- Community Ecology- Community Structure (Ch. 53).docx

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Applied Biology
APBI 210
Steven Barnes

Biol 121 225 thFreeman 12091217 Ch 53Jan 15 10 Limits on research on species usually focuses on two at a time but biological communities can contain interactions thousands of species to understand how communities work biologists must broaden the scope of research and explore how combinations of many species interactif community destroyed by disturbance and allowed to recover diversity and abundance of species should be identical when recovery complete but if communities can be made up of many diff combo of species depending on which arrive earlierlater then community composition will be difficult to predict Climax community Frederick proposed by Frederick Clements Clements Clements argued that communities develop by passing through a series of predictable stages dictated by extensive interactions among species and that this development culminates in a stable final stage known as a climax community Henry Gleason contended that community in an area is neither stable nor predictable claimed that plant and animal communities just happen to share similar climatic requirements largely a matter of chance whether similar community develops in the same area after a disturbance occurs Factors that determine community Gleasons view is closer to being correct makeup although both biotic interactions and climate are important in determining which species exist at a certain site chance and history also play a large role Keystone species a species that has a much greater impact on the surrounding species than its abundance and total biomass would suggest for example introducing wolves can reduce elk pop due to predation and
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