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Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences
CAPS 391
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Anatomy 391 Notes Jan. 4, 2012 - anatomy: to dissect ana: cut tomy: separate - Planes: Coronal Mid-sagittal Para-sagittal (non-symmetric L&R) Horizontal/transverse - Flexion/Extension: sagittal plane (e.g.) knee, elbow: *opposite directions of these moves - Abduction/Adduction: coronal/frontal plane (e.g.) fingersndmiddle finger toes: *2 toe Jan. 6 , 2012 - stomach (2 areas of abdominal cavity): Epigastric & L Hypochondrium - Direction of curvature (increases resistance to axial compression of spine) Dynamic: (vertebrae columns are connected) Cervical Lordosis (convexity) Lumbar Lordosis Thoracic Kyphosis (concavity) Static: (cannot change bc fused) Sacral Kyphosis - Scoliosis: abnormal curvatures - Resistance: R= n^2 + 1 (n= # of curves) - Lumbar Vertebrae Thoracic Vertebrae thick + square spinous process Long spinous process Absence of articular facets Has facets Largest body (“kidney shaped”) “heart shaped” - typical Cervical vertebrae (CIII to CVI) small square body large triangular vertebral foramen *transverse foramen *bifurcated spinous process - Atlas (CI) * has no body!!! posterior surface of anterior arch articulates with odontoid process of Axis (CII) has posterior tubercle (like a spinous process) - Axis (CII) pivot for rotational movements of head odontoid process articulates with anterior arch of Atlas (CI) th - 7 Cervical Vertebra (CVII) Longest non-bifurcated spinous process = “prominent vertebra” - Thoracic Vertebrae (TI to TXII) costal facets on sides of body for articulation w/ head of ribs costal facets on transverse processes for articulation w/ tubercle of the ribs TXI and TXII d
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