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University of British Columbia
CHEM 203

SEP 08 2011 Organic Chem I Today’s Agenda Nomenclature Polyfunctionals Bridged (Fused) / Cyclic Compounds Nomenclature Locate the longest chain to determine the parent name Use the longest chain that has the most branches or functionalization “-yl” groups * Know from methyl (1 carbon) to 10 Ex. 1 5, 7-diethyl-3, 4, 7-trimethyl-5-propyldecane Start at the end that gives the smallest carbon number at the first substituent (the first brand in our ex. is at C3 not C4) Naming uses alphabetical order for alkyl branches Dashes between numbers and letters and commas between numbers Must use prefixes where applicable (di, tri, tetra, penta…) Complex alkyl branches Ex. 2 (1, 2-dimethylpropyl)-decane Name the branch as its own compound 1 SEP 08 2011 Organic Chem I C1 is the carbon that is bonded to the parent chain Name the alkyl branch, 1, 2-dimethylpropyl (i.e. use “-yl”) Place the name of the complex branch into the parent name using brackets Cyclic Compounds (Cyclo-) Names should provide the lowest number sequence Ties use alphabetical priority Ex. 3 1, 2, 4-trimethylcyclopentane (NOT 1, 3, 4-trimethylcyclopentane) Ex. 4 1-ethyl-2-methylcyclopropane (NOT 1-methyl-2-ethylcyclopropane) Ties go to alphabetical priority (ethyl > methyl) If cyclo- group is attached to chain (or branch), parent group is the structure w/ the greater number of carbons in the parent itself, e.g. ring >> chain, OR chain >> ring
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