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Lecture 7

CHEM 205 Lecture 7 Notes

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CHEM 205
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CHEM 205 lecture 7 • First law of thermodynamics talks about conservation of E o Doesn’t specify direction or efficiency of a reaction. Doesn’t say anything against “impossible processes” like cold water becoming cooler and hot water becoming hotter spontaneously. • Second law of thermodynamics dictates entropy (no 100% conversion of q into useful w) o “It is impossible for a CYCLIC process whose sole effect=flow of heatsystem from heat reservoir and for the performance of equivalent amount of work by the system on the surroundings. o Wq can be 100% o But qW will never be 100%, always some heat loss. Eg. Friction. • For a reversible, non-spontaneous process: ΔS=0----we can only make this reaction happen if we do work on the system • For a irreversible, spontaneous process: ΔS>0 o When I say ΔS, I am referring to TOTAL entropy aka. Entropy of the UNIVERSE • Rate has nothing to do with if a reaction is spontaneous or nonspontaneous • Entropy is a state function where S=q(rev)/T • Why do we say total entropy is always increasing (or staying the same at the very best
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