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Lecture 5

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University of British Columbia
Classical Studies
CLST 232
Christine Lane

Lecture 5 The Fall of the Monarchy and the Rise of the Republicy Rape of Lucretiay Explains the downfall of the monarchy of Romey Tarquinius Superbus is drinking becomes lustful for Lucretiay Lucretia is weaving while other women are partyingy Sneaks into her house and rapes hery Lucretia commits suicide due to honoury Brutus her husband vows revengey Manage to exile the kingy Later somebody finds him and murders himy The Republicy Revolution lead by aristocratsy Overthrow king set up a republicy Res publica populi Romaniy SPQR senatus populusque Romanumy Broken into 3 diff periodsy Early 509264 BCEy Middle 264133 BCEy Late 13331 BCEy King replaced by two consulsy Rex sacrorum king of sacred things y King used to occupy sacred roley New role to do soy Patricians vs Plebeiansy Conflict of the Ordersy Begins 494 BCE y Patricians noble by birth due to lineage from kingsy Heads of the gentes in the pasty Patricians dominated society in the early daysy Were senators dominated votingy Dominated the armyy Army position based on wealth and equipment you could buyy Large land ownersy Plebeiansy Roman citizens who were not patriciany Later meant the poor peopley Diverse group y Both poor and richy Farmers businessmen etcy Excluded from the senate and the important priesthoods
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