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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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University of British Columbia
Classical Studies
CLST 232
Christine Lane

Lecture 6 The Conquest of Italyy LicinioSextian Laws 367 BCE y Licinius and Sextiusy Tribunes of the plebsy Boycott election use veto power to get more rights for plebeiansy Debt slaveryy Farmed had to borrow money at high interest ratesy Fail to repay loan become nexusy Temporary slave y Man family property sold off to repay debty New law Debts limited to the amounts owedy Ager publicus in the hands of a few patriciansy Supposed to be public landy New law limits on amount of public land 1 person could holdy Consulshipy Plebeians not allowed to hold consulship y New law 1 consul must be plebeiany Lex Hortensia 287 BCEy Plebiscites binding on all citiznesy 509 BCE Tarquinius Superbus expelled from Rome y Ended up in Caere and Veiiy Convinced them to attack Romey Rome wony Then allied with Lars Porsenna of Clusiumy Withdrawsy Mamilius of Tuscundum and the Latin Leaguey Allies of Latiumy Revolt against Romey Battle of Lake Regillus 499 BCEy Myth Castor and Pollux appear turning tide of battley 493 BCE Cassian Treatyy Peace treaty with Latin Leaguey Agree to come to each others aid when attackedy Roman commanders of allied armyy Determine number of soldiers each state had to sendy Divide up bootyy Roman army consisted of 50 Romans 50 Latinsy Allowed Rome to double armyy Made on fides good faithy Very important for treatiesy 486 BCE Hernici join the alliance y NonLatin people y Reduced Latin influence on Romey Strengthened Roman powery Rome and Veiiy Control over routes along Tiber Valley
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