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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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University of British Columbia
Classical Studies
CLST 232
Christine Lane

Lecture 10 Appian Way Via Appia Constructed during 2nd Samnite War Appius Claudius First extensive road Republican Religion Culture and Society Social Hierarchy 1Senatorial class Nobles nobiles and new man novus homo nobiles ancestor had held consulship Wealth requirement 800 000 sesterces by 100 BCE Typical day labourer got 1000 sesterces per year Soldiers got 900 per year Lex Claudia 218 BCE Illegal for them to engage in commerce Expected for them to amass wealth from land Distinction in clothing Toga and tunic with broad purple stripe Toga for men only 2Equestrian class Tunic and toga with a narrow stripe 400 000 sesterces 3Commoners plebs Plain toga and tunic Noncitizens not allowed to wear toga 4Freedmenfreedwomen
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