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University of British Columbia
Counselling Psychology
CNPS 363
Yarrow Brenda Dyer

CNPS 363 Lecture 2 Frank Parsons (1854-1908) - 1909: “Choosing a Vocation” - First “architect” of the vocational counseling process; father of the vocational guidance movement - Tackled issues such as: o Effective matching of persons and jobs o Educational and social reform o Human dignity and the right to choose - All about human dignity, free will, right to choose a career - Coined the term “vocational guidance”: early term for career counseling o Saw as a one-on-one process - Compiled statistics about gender-job distributions - Developed techniques to help school children, adolescent school leavers, & adults come to true reasoning about jobs available to them (e.g., client self study) - “Find your fit, and don’t quit.” Frank Parsons Parsons’ 3-step process for career counseling - 1. Understanding of yourself, aptitudes, abilities, and other qualities - 2. A knowledge of the requirements & conditions of success, advantages & disadvantages, prospects in different lines of work - 3. True reasoning on the relationship of these two groups of facts Parsons – building on his work over the last 100 years - Identifying and measuring individual differences - Documenting differences in occupational content and activity - Clarifying the elements of career decision-making - Researching the different perspectives and needs of women, the needs of persons in ethnic and minority groups for career guidance - Recipients of career or vocational guidance have become more diverse, both in terms of groups presented and in terms of the range of issues they present Career counseling – then & now - Traditional goal: helping the client find the job that fits for them - Now goal: help client assess range of possible job choices (with advantage and disadvantage) - Traditional client: generally adolescent/young adult, transition from school to work - Now client: adults of all ages also come for career counseling, even if already in career - Traditionally o Single occupation – that best suits the client – find it and stay until retirement o Matching internal qualities with demands of job o Assessment – battery of standardized assessment instru
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