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University of British Columbia
Earth and Ocean Sciences
EOSC 114

EOSC114 - Landslides 1 Landslide/Mass wasting/Mass movement: interchangeable in EOSC114, involves the movement of material down a slope (at any rate) Talus: a sloping mass of rock fragments at the bottom of a cliff SLOPE PROCESSES Most slopes outside mountain ranges are gentle and lack a free face Can be convex, concave, straight, or a combo LANDSLIDE IMPACTS Human and Economic impacts of landslides are broadly governed by Population density/Population location Cost of infrastructure Population Preparedness  Landslides are often underestimated, and/or the fatalities are attributed to the landslide trigger (earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, etc.)  B.C. has a mountainous terrain, lots of rain, a complex geology, and many triggers which make it prone to landslides  Return period on large landslides= (>20 million metres cubed of material)= 25-70 years CLASSIFICATION OF LANDSLIDE TYPES Type of material Rock Soil/Earth Mud Debris (mixture of rock, earth, trees, water, and anything else on the slope) Type of movement Falls Occur on very steep slopes (usually rock) Material detaches because of weakness Falls due to gravity Very fast! Slides: cohesive block moves on a surface Rotational slide: curved/bowl shaped failure surface Usually weak material (sediment) Intermediate speed Often characterized by a curved scarp above slide Translational slide: flat/planar shaped failure s
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