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ENGL 222 The Beggar's Garden Notes Mar 6

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ENGL 222
Duffy Roberts

March 6, 2013 ENGL 222 – Canadian Literature  How is Vancouver marketed? What is the history of Vancouver? o Advertising Vancouver  What do we recognize in the historical advertisements?  Greenery  It’s sunny!  Clean  Wealth – with a picture of a car; prosperous place  Modern, urban life  No real photos – cartoon images, drawn representations  1/3 water, 1/3 mountain, 1/3 land o Using perspective / vista to engage closeness to waterways, closeness to mountains  Postcard with buildings around it – making place habitable o Vancouver is Awesome - website  Stan Douglas’ photo of a restaged riot that happened between pot smokers and cops o Facebook – Vancouver: Then  Historical photos of Vancouver + blurbs The Beggar’s Garden  Beggar’s Garden is set in the DTES (Skid Row), more historical area of Vancouver  Advertising is part of the plot of this story -> part of what Sam does for Douglas changes his advertising strategy  Example of the force of home: Toxic waste dumped onto land that Aboriginal people made home – they care more about calling this place home than moving, would rather make the car company accountable o The grip that “home” has for us  Rarely do negative influences inspire us to leave  Significance of the title: Beggar’s Garden o Beggar’s Garden – symbolic for Garden of Eden, utopia; literally refers to Sam’s garden that is no longer a functional garden, because Anna has left him and she tended the garden  Places as gardens  Provides sustenance for us  Utopian (no place) – not possible on earth, only in imagination o Beggar’s Garden – connection to earth, soil, grounded-ness  Conversations about earth; politics of place as it is connected to food – sustainability movement, food movement, farm-to-plate, carbon footprint, buying from local / fresh produce  This text doesn’t spend too much time about politics of place in connection with food though o Beggar’s Garden – possessive, ownership, agency  Value of ci
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