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Environmental Design
ENDS 221
Patrick Condon

ENDS221 Notes 10132011 121200 PM Housing Affordability y Housing affordability intersection of social development policy and real estate markets and finance o Design and urban planningnecessary ingredientsSeldom sufficient to prompt affordability y Affordabilitysupply issue investment in rentalsocial housingownership and income issue price demographicsocial development question y Market rentalshort supplyWhyHousing as a System y Housinghuge part of national economy household income and wealth o Capital investment and incomes policy o Largest financial assetstable investment product o Shaped by taxationbusinesspersonal o Cities influence type location and indirectly supplytherefore priceRental y Vancouvers West Endvery successful rental program ended in 1986 artifact of favorable tax policy o Most buildings made in 1960s and 1970s y Rentaldisadvantaged to condo y 2025 of costrental housing feasibility gap y Canadas Rental Villain Edgar BensonFederal Finance Minister introduced Step 12 Create Strata Condominium ActJurisdiction for HousingNo One y Government jurisdictionfractured y All levels of govt affect housingeasily impare housing system y Improvements are difficult y Subsidies hardwon y Federalcontrol taxation and shape financial disincentives y Provincialrental subsidiessocial housing programs
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