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Lecture 4

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Geographical Biogeosciences
GEOB 102
Pamela O

GEOB 102: BIOGEOGRAPHY 4 ECOSYSTEMS Ecosystem = biotic community + abiotic environment - any unit that includes all of the organisms in a given area interacting with the physical environment so that a flow of energy leads to an exchange of materials (water, nutrients) between living and non-living parts A. NET PHOTOSYNTHESIS 1. Review: Photosynthesis - process by which plants (+ other organisms) convert solar E to chemical E Respiration - opposite of photosynthesis, chemical break down of CHOs 1. Gross Photosynthesis - total amount of carbohydrate produced by photosynthesis 2. Net Photosynthesis - amount of carbohydrate remaining after respiration: Net Photosynthesis = Gross Photosynthesis − Respiration - net photosynthesis depends on light intensity and temperature B. PRODUCTION 1. Net Primary Productivity (NPP) - amount of stored chemical energy produced by photosynthesis - yield of useful energy in the ecosystem - measured as biomass = dry weight of org2nic matter - expressed as kg of biomass per m per ye
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