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Lecture 16

GEOG 357 Lecture 16: L16

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GEOG 357
Valerie Carolyn Prouse

Geographies of Sexualities and Queer Geographies: What Spaces and Places do we associate with sexuality? o Washrooms, Bedrooms, Media, Body, Clubs Geographies of sexualities: o The study of the relationship between sexuality and space; very diverse subfield of social geography Some key questions for geographers of sexualities: o Where is sexuality? Why there? o How do experiences of sexuality vary across spaces o What kinds of spaces does sexuality produce and why? o What kinds of sexualities does space produce? Why? o How is geographical knowledge sexual? Sexuality: What is it? o Identity Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, trans, queer etc How do these claims affect how we interpret the space? o Normalcy Deviance vs Normative o Relationality Desire, intimacies, love, lust Violence, violation, control Social forms (with spatial manifestations) Geographies of heteronormativity o Heteronormativity: In simplified terms, the idea tha heterosexuality is normal and compulsory, and that everything else is deviant and unacceptable o Heterosexual matrix(Judith Butler) A stable sex expressed through a stable gender that is oppositionally and hierarchically defined though the compulsory practice of heterosexuality Hetteronormativity Where is the sexual? Mapping sexuality o Geography as location Observing and documenting where sexuality happens o Often, deviant or minority sexualities Ex. Chicago Schoool of human exoloy M o Mapping Commercial Patternsyou can Mapping sexuality in everyday life: feminist critique o Gill Valentine Pioneering research on lesbian geographies o Out and about: geographies of lesbian landscape Critique of geogs of sexualities as study of gay men largely been obsessed with mapping gay barsand defining the boundaries and nature of gay neighbourhoods Early works did indeed focus on gay mens spatiality
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