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Lecture 13

GEOG 357 Lecture 13: L13

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GEOG 357
Valerie Carolyn Prouse

Social Media and Activism: How does social media influence ways in which participants are mobilized? o Islamophobia o BLM What is social Media? o Older Movements Lenin and the Partys paper AntiGlobalization Movement Self Managed activist internet services Activist Mailing List o 2011 Time Magazing as Year of the Protestor Facebook and Twitetr Revolution Technooptimist o Functionalist approach to social media Social media = good thing for protestors Sharing of information = good thing TechnoPessimist: o Social media = bad thing Allowed people to be surveilled Contemporary use of social media amongst activist o Means of representation in elicting external attention o Means of organization of collective action o Means of mobilization in task of getting people on the streets o Means of sharing love and solidarity Choreography of Assembly o Social Medias Role: choreographing assembly Relationshipdialectic between symbolic and material space Social media is embodied o Symbolic construction of public space, revolving around emotional scenesetting and scripting of participants physical assembling Social Media o Directs people o Example: Occupy Wall Street Coletivo Papo Reto: o Favelas: safe space for traffickers
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