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HIST 325
Jonathan Newell

 Laurier: ◦ Ottawa ◦ In House of Parliament for 45yrs (1874-1919) ◦ First French-Canadian prime minister ◦ Leader of Liberal party for over 31yrs--> dominant for most of 20 century ◦ 1897: celebrated Queen's diamond jubilee and held conference to knight Laurier ▪ Britain wanted to re-establish control over foreign policy and defence of Canada ▪ Laurier made clear that he would not comprise Canada's autonomy nd  SouthAfrican War (AKABoer War)--2 Anglo-Boer War ◦ Strong imperial sentiment ◦ Different name for different groups of people (British: SouthAfrican War; Afrikaans: Anglo-Boer War) ◦ October 1899-May 1902 (4yrs) ◦ SouthAfrican Republic (Transvaal Republic) and Orange Free State Republic ◦ 1910: race-based segregation ◦ 1870s: diamonds discovered ◦ 1600s: Dutch settlers inAfrica-->Afrikaners--> new language in 20 century  1790s (Africa): ◦ British settlers ▪ Naval-base ▪ Battled Dutch settlers and acquired the colony th  19 century: ◦ Dutch more assertive of autonomy ◦ Britain granted independence to 2 states (Transvaal and Orange Free State)--> interested in power over Cape Colony ◦ Britain tried to annex Transvaal (which was powerful because had diamond and gold mines) ◦ Britain abolished slavery inAfrica (Dutch used slavery in plantations) ◦ British merchants distant themselves from Britain ◦ Alliances: loyalists vs. anti-loyalists ◦ African autonomy independence closely related to political independence ◦ British most dominant producer of gold mining within 1 decade of discovery of gold in SouthAfrica  French-Canadian against send
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