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PHIL 102
Dominic Mc Iver Lopes

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1. background 2. moral saints 3. moral theory 4. payoff moral POV: I’m one person among many, nothing special, everyone else deserves good just as much as I do. I have to take that into account in my behaviour, act upon this knowledge POV ‘individual perfection’: I’m concerned with what kind of life is an excellent life for me individually 1. if it’s correct to privilege the moral POV then it’s always better to be morally better 2. it’s not always better to be morally better 3. so it’s a mistake to privilege the moral POV premise 2.a: some good things are not morally better to pursue 2.b: they’re better to pursue ▯ 2.a i): some activities are not morally good ▯ 2.a ii): these activities conflict with morality ▯ 2.a iii): so moral saints can not participate in the activities ▯ these activities are practical and go against the grain of morality ▯ ▯ -eg. off-colour humour a moral saint is someone whose every action is m
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