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Bruce Baum

Conservatism- Edmund Burke October-18-12 3:13 PM  Edmund Berk o Reflections of the revolution in France o Sees some aspects of the French revolution that the revolution might be going in a bad direction "the reign of terror) o Developed conservatism  Specifically in opposition of revolutionary political change  1729-1797  In the west he's understood as a founder of conservatism or a large main figure in the founding of conservatism o In contrast to Locke and Mill about the rights of individuals  Does not oppose rights of individual rights rather how he thinks about individual rights in contrast to liberal thinkers  Abstract rights of individuals o Declaration of rights of man and citizens o Says all men had certain basic rights as men and male human beings  Like Locke spoke about all men to have a certain view of rights to be for men o Vindication of the rights of women o As men- they have certain rights simply based on their humanity o Exemplifies a thought where conservatives less committed to abstract principle than other ideologies o We're familiar with conservative thinkers in liberal societies that have basic commitments to (now society as well) o Burkeian conservatives have become defenders of those ideals only when those ideals have become established and traditional o Almost everybody o Different interpretations  Some key themes of Burk's political theory: o Liberty and order  Emphasis equally on both  Discipline and obedience armies  Revolutions worry him  Revolution should be consistent with other things he holds valued (discipline, order, etc) o Continuity and change  Doesn't want England to be frozen in time  The change should be an organic kind of change, with well established principles and  We are never wholly new  Change has its place but change needs to be pursued from the customs and practices (an organic view of society like the pruning of a tree)  Always
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