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University of British Columbia
Political Science
POLI 101

THE JUDICIARYFEDERALISM Friday October 28 2011 ReviewCanada has a semidivided judicial system An aspect of judicial power lies within the provincial jurisdiction alone The only judges that are appointed by the provincial government are those in the inferiorprovincial courtsFederal government appoints judges in superior provincial courts courts of appeal Supreme Court rulings are binding in all provincesFederal Appointment ProcessOur judicial system has very few checks and balances of powerUS has the checks and balances to judicial powerLegislature Congress must vote up or down a candidate suggested by thePresident before heshe can be appointed to the Supreme Court Power of appointment in Canada is concentrated in the PM prime ministerHe appoints judges from a list of candidates selected by the Judicial Advisory CouncilJudicial Advisory Committee Job is to screen nomineesRecommend judges to the PM who ultimately makes the selectionThe committee is composed of representatives from the BAR association currentmembers of government and current members of the Supreme Court Recently one more spot on the committee has been added for a representativefrom law enforcement Have to apply to become a judge in Canada The JAC Judicial Advisory Committee conducts background screeningsOne m
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