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EXECUTIVE POWER Friday, October 7, 2011 Review: The Executive - Composed of a triumvirate of powers: The Crown, Cabinet/PM and the Civil Service - Today‟s focus will be a review of the Crown, and the executive power of the Cabinet Discretion of the Crown - GG emblem possesses an emblem or flag called a “standard” - This demonstrates their presence at a function - Holds “reserve powers” which allow them the opportunity to exercise discretion in certain situations - Conventions restrain the crown‟s power, and allocate it to other parts of the system - The use of „reserve powers‟ is very rare - Best example of the crown‟s use of „reserve powers‟ dates back to the 1920 - Occurred when GG Byng refused PM King‟s request for an election - There hasn‟t been as strong as use of „reserve power‟ in almost 100 years - How do you think the Canadian population today would meet the use of „reserve powers‟ by the GG? - Canada‟s form of responsible government allocates, concentrates and fuses a great deal of power in the office of the PM and executive - GG powers provides a certain back up from very strong governments - Can prevent abuse of power - A sense of Irony in the power of the Crown: Power is vested in a hereditary monarch that has little to do with our country, yet is considered to be the bulwark against tyranny Ceremonial Role of the Crown - Crown today serves a predominantly ceremonial role - EG. Speech from throne, honorary commander of the military - Crown doesn‟t possess a large constitutional role - Complete dignified task more than anything - Serves as the head of state, freeing PM from some work - In the US the president serves as both the head of state and head of government - Symbolic value of the position of GG - New Canadians, different sexes, cultures, races, have been appointed GG - Position serves to represent Canada‟s values - Do no perform controversial tasks - Typically they lend themselves to (and focus their energy on one) causes such as children literacy - They are “Above the fray” - Don‟t advocate or get immersed in political issues or partisan policy Crown in a Nutshell - Principal of organizing the system in Canada - Introduces discretion and concentration of power - It is only possible for power to be concentrated in the PM, because of the check which the GG provides the government and country through reserve powers - Impacts the relationship between provinces and the federal government - Concentrates power on a provincial level in the Premier, and on a federal level in the PM - This concentration allows for efficiency, but also has weaknesses - Policies made in relative secret, by a relatively small number of people - EG. Meech Lake Accord was viewed by the public as an agreement between a few white men in suits Organization of the Executive (1) Formal Executive: Crown (2) Political Executive: Cabinet and PM * topic today - Dependent on civil service or the “permanent service” (3) Bureaucratic Executive: Civil service - Implements policy, regardless of the political party in power - Serve as experts who give advice to those in charge Political Executive - Power is vested in the PM and cabinet by code - No recognition of PM as office in either CA - Section 11 in CA, 1867: References Queens Privy Council for Canada - This is the institution that is understood as the Cabinet The Cabinet - Membership in Privy Council is for life - Permanent membership: living Privy Council is larger than present cabinet - Cabinet is a “committee” of the Privy Council - Honorific membership in the PC is allowed: recognizes contributions from individuals (authors, etc.) - Privy Council we are concerned with and will discuss is the active or current PC or cabinet - Cabinet has had a tendency to grow ov
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