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PSYC 100 Lecture Notes - Rorschach Test, Thematic Apperception Test, Projective Test

Course Code
PSYC 100
Paul Hewitt

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Assessment of Personality
-projective tests of personality
-unstructured personality measures in which a person is shown a series of ambiguous
stimuli, such as pictures, inkblots, or incomplete drawings. the person is asked to
describe what he or she ‘sees’ in each stimulus or to create stories that reflect the
theme of the drawing or picture
-eg. Rorschach inkblot test
!-a projective test in which a person is shown a series of symmetrical inkblots and
!asked to describe what he or she thinks they represent
-eg. Thematic Apperception Test
!-a person is shown a series of ambiguous pictures that involve people, asked t
!make up a story about them
Stress and Health: Health Psychology
-the study of psychological behavior and physical health
-emphasis on wellness and prevention
-studies lifestyles, activities, emotional reactions, interpretation of events, and
personality characteristics
What is Stress?
-confusion in literature
-Selye: nonspecific body reaaction to any demand made upon it
!-internal or external
-video: selye tested on hundreds of rats
!-put physical stress on them
!-found that any of this stress would activate certain glands
!-some people have a predisposition to handle stress better than others
-eustress: positive events
-distress: negative events
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