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PSYC 100

Chapter 15 Monday week 23Critically evaluate what is considered abnormal using the three CsDiscuss the Rosenhan 1973 study of mental hospitals and what we can learn from itEvaluate the risks and benefits of labeling psychological disordersDefinition of psychological disorders persistentharmfulthoughts feelings interfere with daily functioning1Statistical raritySocietal disapprovalPersonal sufferingEvaluate the Evaluate the Evaluate the contentcontextconsequencesEg Shout out on Eg wearing a Eg Pulling out the bus to no one Viking hat everydayones own hair in in particularfistfuls2 The study concluded It is clear that we cannot distinguish the sane from the insane in psychiatric hospitals and also illustrated the dangers of dehumanization and labeling in psychiatric institutions It suggested that the use of community mental health facilities which concentrated on specific problems and behaviors rather than psychiatric labels might be a solution and recommended education to make psychiatric workers more aware of the social psychology of their facilities3CostsRisksBenefitsUsesMisdiagnosisHelp understand why you might be feeling Stigmajob applications friendshipwhat you doMisdiagnosisnot solving the real problem Legal implicationsandor worsening andor triggering new Educational resourcesproblemAppropriate treatmentLegal implicationsResearchers to consider what symptoms Lens to interpret all behaviourbelong togetherapartConfirmation bias from othersHelp eliminate misdiagnosis through research Giving up in the face of the labelDefinitions spur researchWednesday week 23Summarize the features and purpose of the DSMDescribe some of the biopsychosocial contributions to understanding disorders in general and anxiety disorders in particularExplain similarities and differences among phobias GAD and panic disorder1Biopsychosocial approachClassification only 17 categories list in textRule out physical cause first eg thyroidHigh interrater reliabilityCultural influenceFocus Is it problematic for daily functioning2PhobiasGeneralized Anxiety Panic Disorder trigger is DisorderPhysical symptoms consistent anxiety throughout heart rate feeling Intense and the dayhot or cold automatic in High level negative thoughts
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