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Lecture 8

Psychology 101: Lecture 8

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PSYC 101
Michael De Souza

Lecture #8 - September 21/24, 2012 September-21-12 10:54 AM SLIDE #4 • Environmental intelligence: sleep, cognitive impairment, groups of people, access to resources, mother's actions while pregnant • Environmental personality: culture, religion, wealth, past experiences, traumatic exposure, background • Environmental well-being: companionship, weather, physical activity, geographical location, pollution/toxic materials, household/family, sanitary conditions, media consumed SLIDE #6 • Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS): exposure to alcohol in uterus • Teratogen exposure during pregnancy (smoke, drugs, alcohol etc.) • Impaired neurodevelopment, facial birth defects, neurological damage ○ Impairs the ability of the brain to grow SLIDE #7 • Child locked in a basement for 13 years, could not talk, physical impairments • Specialists tried to see if they could educate her and revive her • Was unable to complete full sentences, but was good at vocabulary • Amount a children can learn increases with time, did not happen with Genie • Critical period within two years of birth that knowledge and education is key SLIDE #8 • Intelligence can change over time, not always smart, not always dumb • There are personal biases that may affect teaching children that are less smart SLIDE #9 • Giving kids the extra resources help bridge the gap of education and intelligence
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