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PSYC 101 First Lecture

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PSYC 101
Catherine( Cathy) Rankin

PSYC 101 – Jan 3/13 -textbook – custom ed. -email to set up time, not to ask questions – email with name and student number in email ** get course outline online ** -need iClicker -> this course focuses on biological and cognitive psychology (lots of science and bio) -do readings BEFORE class -powerpoint slides will be posted online -> 3 quizzes Jan 31, March 12, and a FINAL “quiz” during exam time. Quizzes NON cumulative. Pencil, no pen for quizzes -Each quiz worth 30% -8% iClicker participation -2% for participation in Psychology experiments -> register by end of month, complete 2 hrs before end of semester -> can earn extra 3% by doing 3 extra hrs of REC -grades not usually curved -quiz scores will be posted -not official NEED text and clicker by next week. WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? -growth of psychology as a science -major trends in the development of psychology -a broad dicipline because of intellectual curiosity. Behavious is the root of most problems in the world. The more we understand behaviour, the better armed we are to solve and manage these problem. Explaining Behaviour – identifying and describing behavious and its causes – “levels of explanations” referes to the dif. Types of ca
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