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Lecture 14

PSYC 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Penis Envy, Carl Jung, Inferiority Complex

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PSYC 102
Simon Lolliot

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Personality 11.3 (textbook)
Learning outcomes
- Define Personality
- Describe early approaches to personality
o Hippocrates/Galen
o Gall
- Freud, personality, defence mechanisms
o Alder (inferiority complex)
o Erikson
o Jung (collective/individual unconscious)
o Horney (penis envy)
o How is personality measured (11.9 textbook)
Alfred Adler
Erik Erikson
Carl Jung
Karen Horney
Same as Freud Personality
developed in childhood
Unconscious and conscious
Adler found Freud misogynistic
Differing from Freud
- Sex was not the primary motivator
- fear of inadequacy
- Inferiority complex we don’t
measure up to the standards of
Social flavor
When we reach different parts of our
lives, we have certain milestones we
have to reach:
1. Occupational tasks/
societal tasks/ love task
Adler had more emphasis on
conscious > unconscious
Differed to Freud
- Personality
developed through
our life span
- Sex was not the main
- But we are more socially
motivated by our
relationships with others
(NOT in terms of
relationships with the
opposite sex but more in
terms of just with other
Jung and Freud = unconscious
- Personality is a balancing
act between our
unconscious lives and
conscious lives
Differs to Freud:
- Personality develops in
second half of life
- Also agrees that sex is not
the primary motivator
- Shared unconsciousness
that exists within each of
us. (collective
- Ancestral memories =
- Potential for self-
Feminist Psychologist
Emphasized the potential for growth
Similar to Freud
- Unconscious anxiety hamper
growth -> which came from
Disagreed with Freud
- If women have penis envy
- Men have womb envy
1) moving towards coping styles
2) Moving against coping styles
(combative / aggressive / assertive)
3) Moving away coping style (detached
/ isolated)
What has stuck from Freud
- Freud tried to tap into
o Dream analysis
o Free association
Modern day approaches to find out what is going on in our unconscious (11.9 textbook)
- Thematic apperception test
- Rorschach inkblot
- Rotter incomplete sentence
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