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University of British Columbia
PSYC 208
Michael Souza

What is psychology?  The study of individual behavior in a social context  Study of the brain and its functions  The study of mental processes Common misunderstandings:  No right and wrong, totally based on perspective o Not true! Psychology is a science. Claims about behavior must be supported  Studies what we already know  Sometimes one can observe a psychological phenomenon in real life situations. Social psychology:  The study of how people interact with their environments o Includes real and imagined others, contexts and culture.  Scientific study of how people think about influence and relate to each other. Why do we use the tools of science to test the hypotheses of behavior?  Memory is biased. A study that shows this is the Ross and Sicoly. They went out and asked married couples about the food preparations at home. Also groceries , causing arguments, demonstrating affection, laundry…  Egocentric bias: easy to call to mind stuff I’ve done. Ex: I wasn’t there when he vacuumed. What does this tell us about team work/collaborative project?  Might give yourself a higher evaluation.  Hard to be objective  Biased to remember and evaluates Experiments:  Random assignment to conditions (control and experimental group) of the independent variable to see effects on the dependent variable Correlational design:  Things to be concerned about: o Correlation isn’t equal to causation. o Directionality o Is it positive of negative correlation (+1.00 to -1.00) Surveys:  Goal is to describing a population  Questionnaire designs : o Open ended o Closed ended  Low risk in terms of ethics  Reliability - repeatable  Validity – measures what we think we’re measuring  Cheap and easy Active learning:  Reword ins
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