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Lecture 27

PSYC 217 Lecture 27: Monday March 13th

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PSYC 217
Benjamin Cheung

- - - - - - - - - - - - - Monday March 13 th HUMANISTIC MODELS OF PERSONALITY: THE THIRD FORCE  Self-actualization: drive to develop our innate potential to the fullest possible extent Rogers and Maslow: Self-Actualization Realized and Unrealized Roger’s Model of Personality  Our personalities consist of three major components: o Organism  Innate and genetically influenced blueprint  Inherently positive and helpful toward others o Self  Self-concept, the set of beliefs about who we are o Conditions of worth: according to Rogers, expectations we place on ourselves for appropriate and inappropriate behaviour  They emanate from our parents and society and eventually we internalize them  Come down to understanding and performing right from wrong Maslow: The Characteristics of Self-Actualized People  Whereas Rogers focused largely on pathological individuals whose tendencies toward self-actualization were thwarted, Maslow focused on individuals who were self- actualized  Self-actualized people o tend to be creative, spontaneous, and accepting of themselves and others o They’re self-confident but not self-centered o Focus on ral-world and intellectual problems and have a few deep friendships rather than many superficial ones o Crave privacy and come off as aloof or even difficult to deal with bc they’ve outgrown the need to be popular o Peek experiences: transcendent moment of intense excitement and tranquility marked by a profound sense of connection with the world Humanistic Models Evaluated Scientifically  Proclaim the importance of free will and personal choice  Comparative psychology: branch of psychology that compared behaviours across species o have challenged Roger’s claim that human nature i
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