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Lecture 5 Article SummariesIs Hysteria Real Brain Images Say YesErika KinetzHysteria 4 000 year old diagnosis disappearing since 1960snever disappeared changed name to conversion disorderoriginally thought hysteria was something wrong with the physical body but is it the body expressing something wrong in the psyche or the mindneuroscientists todayno such division between the physical brain and mindSingle photon emission computerized tomographySPECTand positron emission tomographyPET neuroimaging technologies monitor changes in brain activitybrain mechanisms behind hysterical illness not fully understoodnew studies have started to bring mind back into body by identifying the physical evidence of hysteriaSymptoms of hysteria common in practice but not well studiedno consensus on how conversion disorder should be classified not a defined diagnostic criteria epidemiology is hazy etcTwo things all patients have in commonThey are not faking the illnessEven with extensive testing doctors can find nothing medically wrong with themProblems with scientific studies conducted on conversion disordersmall sample sizes and methodological differencescomplicate the comparison of results from different scientific teamsgeneral conclusions difficultHysteria predates Freud
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