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University of British Columbia
PSYC 367
James Hyman

How hair cells transduce sound pressure into neural signal good essay Q The shearing motion of the tectorial membrane cause stereocilia connected by tip links bend togethertip link pulls on the taller stereocilium and open and ion pore like open a gate just for a tiny fraction of a second which permits K ions to flow rapidly into the hair cellrapid depolarizationopen Ca2 calcium channel and leads to a rapid influx of calcium ionsinitiate the release of neurotransmitters from the base of the inner hair cell to stimulate dendrites of the auditory nerve Overall Summary 1 An air pressure wave is funneled by the pinna through the auditory canal to the tympanic membrane which vibrates back and forth in time with the sound wave2 The tympanic membrane moves the malleus which moves the incus which moves the stapes which pushes and pulls on the oval window 3 The movement of the oval window causes pressure bulges to move down the length of the vestibular canal and these bulges in the vestibular canal displace the middle canal up and down
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