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Religious Studies
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RELG 101
Anne Murphy Jessica Main

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The Language of Devotion: The rise of Temple Worship Key themes among religions; review ‘how the world works’ -different religions are born of shared religious orientations: -jainism, buddhism, hinduism, sikhism, etc -shared assumptions regarding religious life and the status of the self in South Asian religions -samsara -moksha/nirvana etc -karma -contemplative practice/meditation -importance of the teacher or guru -dharma ▯ -your place in the world, the ‘right thing’ -centrality of word and/or mantra -forms of devotion (we return to this today) -let us consider two main themes -the goal (moksha/nirvana etc) -how do you get there? (practice) Tradition Goal How do you get there? Early China ancestors? sage king? no real ritual implements goal Early Confucianism harmonious/stable society ritual, cultivate virtue Indus Valley not a clear goal, not enough ritual implements, bathing evidence Vedic maintain order/society sacrifice, ritual Upanishads/Vedanta Jainism Early Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism Vajrayana Buddhism Daoism Tradition Goal How do you get there? Theistic traditions/ Hinduism Remember the Ramayana -calling it ‘Hinduism’ is like saying ‘Abrahamic Religion’ instead of Jewish and Christian -the many and the one ▯ -paradoxical story (how many gods are there, 33, 1, etc) -brahman is universal, transcendent, singular -but also immanent, infused through the created and material world, multiple and always changing in its form -Ram and Sita (the perfect husband and wife, they’re divine but mostly think they’re human) Medieval Theistic traditions -vedas retain an important role in medieval South Asian religion, but religious life changes -growth of temples/temple cities in relation to growth in theistic wor
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