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Class 50 Race & Ethnicity

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University of British Columbia
SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

In Class (14) Notes 01-30-2013 All of us are migrants or descended from migrants – it’s just a question of how many generations. Even though race is a hollow biological concept, and even though ethnic identities and boundaries are neither fixed nor unchanging, many people believe in the existence of ethnicity and race, and organize their relationships with others on the basis of those beliefs. Therefore, race and ethnicity are important parts of our social reality. Race and Ethnicity: Sites of Inequality  As biological entities, races do not exist  Racialization does exist, it’s socially constructed (ideology construction) o People viewed and judged as essentially different o In terms of intellect, morality, values, worth…  Due to physical type (predominant: skin type) or cultural heritage  Culturally and historically specific Race  Based on biologically transmitted traits  Allows people to rank in hierarchy  No empirical validity or scientific justification in explaining human diversity  People continue to act as if it does Minority: category of people  Distinguished by physical/cultural traits  Society sets apart and subordinates  Not based on numbers, but on power structure Racism = Prejudice + Discrimination + Power  Alleged that racism can only be done by those with power  Prejudicial beliefs & power – does one have the power to implement their prejudicial beliefs ex. through immigration policy & differential sentencing for similar crimes? o Taking a very problematic views and institutionalizing them Steps in constructing the hierarchy:  Construction of certain groups of people as biologically superior/inferior  Prejudice o Attitudes and beliefs – that a certain group if more superior o Biased and generalized prejudgments of entire category of people o Based on faulty and inflexible generalizations o Stereotype: biased characterization of some category of people  Discrimination: Action o Process which puts prejudgments into practice o Any restrictive act (whether deliberate or not) with intent or effect of denying or excluding others o On basis other than merit or ability  Power o Institutional advantage regularly handed to one or more groups over others
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